About Us



  • Alma Capital Holding Group was founded in 2016 in Hong Kong.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is a Management Company for commercial and financial services.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group chose Hong Kong as our Headquarters because Hong Kong is one of the world's leading international financial centres.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group are somewhat unique in the funding and commercial services industry, in so far as, that in addition to being able to set up competitive funding programs, Alma has the in-house capability to project manage, design, engineer, construct and deliver the project to an international standard and within programme and budget.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group make your investment dreams a reality, whether you are a business entrepreneur, an institutional investor, or an individual preparing for the future; we can help you achieve your goals through our best services.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group carefully selects independent, professional managers who specialize in investing.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is looking forward to providing the best services to its customers and maintaining them with the highest standards of quality and professionalism.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is managed by a team of specialists from various departments who merge and manage key corporate areas to ensure the continued success of companies.


  • Alma Capital Holding Group a full service financial group delivering the personalised service that clients desire by providing customized solutions to their goals.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is regarded as a leader in providing financing for projects and commodities.
  • The main focus of Alma Capital Holding Group is delivering high customer service, meeting its customers’ demands and providing reliable reports.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is highly engaged in its strategy and commitment of delivering high quality of customer service.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is the quick way to find finance for your business.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is backed-up by a team of Business Finance Specialists who are experts in small business lending.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group also work in conjunction with Healthcare practitioners and operators who have the ability to set up, support and manage hospitals and clinics to deliver first world standards of service.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group also have consistently made a company policy of using local resources, labour, expertise and professional assistance in the regions in which we work, to supplement and support the international companies and consultants involved in the projects.
  • Alma Capital Holding Group is unequivocally poised to makes things easier for suppliers and clients alike.

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