• Suppliers for all products and commodities worldwide.

  • We have a significant funding capability for foods products and can assuredly make things easier for suppliers and clients alike.

  • We specialise in supplying sugar, rice, frozen poultry, frozen meat and edible oils (sunflower oil, corn oil, palm oil and other vegetable oils) and other food products internationally.

  • We are not manufacturers or wholesalers and nor do we hav  e our own storage and warehouse facilities to store commodities but we have a number of agreements direct with selected manufacturers, producers and suppliers from several differ  ent countries of the world.

  • We have been involved in this business internationally for many years and have a recognised ability and knowledge in food products via our large global network of suppliers worldwide.

  • Our share of supply into the market has grown annually in countries around the world.

  • We excel at providing our customers the best competitive price, high quality, international specification and payment facilities on all products.

  • We have all the required potential needed to support a sustained development in a constantly changing world environment and we can provide any commodity within our range at a very competitive price.

  • If your company is looking for a strategy to funding commodities to fill your orders, or simply to support growth, contact our Team.

  • We hope you can join us to become a part of our team and enjoy making good profits by engaging with us for a large volume of business for the long term.

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